Internal Audit

Internal Audit Services In Dubai, UAE

Internal Audit Services In Dubai & UAE

Alliance CA is one of the leading accounting and auditing firms in Dubai providing Internal Audit services to firms in the UAE. Internal auditing is an independent consulting activity designed to add value and optimize an organization’s operational efficiency.

Internal auditing helps an organization achieve its business objectives by assessing if its operations are in line with its mission and vision. Internal auditors apply a methodical and calculated approach to critically scrutinize corporate governance, internal controls, and risk management mechanisms to identify operational glitches and provide suitable solutions

What Is Internal Auditing

An internal audit is a consulting activity carried out by independent internal auditors to provide objective assurance that the operations of an organization are sound. Internal auditing scrutinizes the structure of an organization to evaluate internal controls, bookkeeping and accounting procedures, financial reporting mechanisms, data collection, and regulatory compliance.

Internal auditing goes a long in helping organizations minimize risks associated with financial mismanagement, improper internal controls, and or inefficient corporate governance processes

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The Function Of Internal Auditors

In the process of internal audit consulting services, the internal auditor independently evaluates and scrutinizes that the organization’s operations are aligned to the organization’s stated goals and business objectives. It is the internal auditor’s duty to investigate, scrutinize and analyze all available data and verify if the organization’s risk mitigation strategies, internal control mechanisms, and corporate governance are operating effectively.

Internal audit service providers prepare comprehensive internal audit reports and submit them to the company’s board of directors. The auditor’s evaluation and opinions presented in the internal audit report are independent as internal auditors are accountable to the audit committee.

Benefits Of Internal Auditing

Internal audits benefit an organization in multiple ways, particularly when it comes to organizing the structure of an organization to optimize the flow of information within the organization. Some of the many benefits of internal auditing are listed below.


Internal audits, via a thorough assessment of operations, ensure that the operations of the organizations are aligned to the business objectives of the organization..

Operational Standards

Internal audits identify bottlenecks and gridlocks in the day-to-day operations of an organization and set standards and procedures to overcome them

Unbiased assessment

Internal auditors hired by companies are third-party consultants bearing no allegiance to the firm being audited; hence their assessment is impartial and unbiased and presents a clear picture of the state of affairs within the organization

Improved administration

Internal audits present a clear picture of operational anomalies to the management and provide suitable solutions to address the said problems, these assessments and solutions go a long way in improving administrative efficiency and corporate governance.

Employee efficiency

A structured and better-organized approach to operational efficiency and internal controls leads to higher employee output and better overall performance as employees do not have to deal with operational glitches and bottlenecks

Optimal use of resources

Operational efficiency ensures that all resources available to the organization are exploited to their full potential for the benefit of the organization; efficient operations ensure that no resource is wasted or underutilized resulting in significant operational cost savings.

Why Alliance CA For Internal Auditing

Alliance CA maintains a pool of experts to deliver all types of auditing services in the UAE. Our services have been providing companies in the UAE with business-critical tools and services to assess and analyze the financial health of their organization. Alliance CA has extensive expertise garnered over the years in eliminating errors and inaccuracies in their data generation and accumulation processes.

Alliance CA provides its internal audit services in UAE in a highly customizable format which ensures that we can meet and exceed the unique requirements of our clients. Internal audits conducted by us ensure that our clients stand out as more competent and credible when compared to their competitors. Besides internal audits, Alliance CA also provides Auditing and Assurance services, VAT and Tax Consultations, Due Diligence Auditing, and accounting software support. Please feel free to contact us for all your accounting and auditing needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the primary purpose of an internal audit is to improve operational efficiency, internal controls, corporate governance, and risk mitigation strategies

Internal audits provide a clear picture of inefficiencies and help align the operations of the organization to the stated business goals of the organization.

Internal audit is crucial in evaluating internal controls, bookkeeping/accounting procedures, financial reporting mechanisms, data collection, and regulatory compliance.

Risk-based internal audits evaluate the organization’s risk management framework and assure that the organization’s governance, risk management, and internal controls are effective

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